Shoelace provides a number of helpful utilities that make designing and prototyping easier.

Background Utilities

Background utilities can be applied to change an element’s background color.

<div class="bg-primary">Primary</div>
<div class="bg-secondary">Secondary</div>
<div class="bg-success">Success</div>
<div class="bg-info">Info</div>
<div class="bg-warning">Warning</div>
<div class="bg-danger">Danger</div>
<div class="bg-light">Light</div>
<div class="bg-dark">Dark</div>

Breakpoint Utilities

Responsive breakpoints exist for five tiers of screen sizes. By default, the breakpoints are:

  • xs → 575px and below
  • sm → 576px – 767px
  • md → 768px – 991px
  • lg → 992px - 1199px
  • xl → 1200px and above

If you’re building Shoelace from source, you can use the custom media queries found in source/css/variables.css to easily target various breakpoints without hard-coding screen sizes in your stylesheet.

@media (--breakpoint-xs-up) { /* xs screens and above */ }
@media (--breakpoint-sm-up) { /* sm screens and above */ }
@media (--breakpoint-md-up) { /* md screens and above */ }
@media (--breakpoint-lg-up) { /* lg screens and above */ }
@media (--breakpoint-xl-up) { /* xl screens and above */ }

@media (--breakpoint-xs-down) { /* xs screens and below */ }
@media (--breakpoint-sm-down) { /* sm screens and below */ }
@media (--breakpoint-md-down) { /* md screens and below */ }
@media (--breakpoint-lg-down) { /* lg screens and below */ }
@media (--breakpoint-xl-down) { /* xl screens and below */ }

@media (--breakpoint-xs-only) { /* xs screens only */ }
@media (--breakpoint-sm-only) { /* sm screens only */ }
@media (--breakpoint-md-only) { /* md screens only */ }
@media (--breakpoint-lg-only) { /* lg screens only */ }
@media (--breakpoint-xl-only) { /* xl screens only */ }

Display Utilities

Display utilities let you hide elements based on the current breakpoint. Use hide-[xs|sm|md|lg|xl] to hide an element only at a specific viewport. Use hide-*-up to hide an element at and above a specific breakpoint. Use hide-*-down to hide an element at and below a specific breakpoint.

<div class="row">
  <div class="col-2 hide-xs">hide-xs</div>
  <div class="col-2 hide-sm">hide-sm</div>
  <div class="col-2 hide-md">hide-md</div>
  <div class="col-2 hide-lg">hide-lg</div>
  <div class="col-2 hide-xl">hide-xl</div>

Float Utilities

Float utilities are provided to easily float elements to the left or right. Just apply the float-left or float-right class to an element to float it left or right.

A clearfix utility is also available to clear floated elements. Just apply the clearfix class to the appropriate element.

Sizing Utilities

Sizing utilities can be used to set a relative width or height on any element. Just apply a w-* or h-* class and the appropriate element will be sized accordingly. Sizes are available as percentages from 0 – 100 in multiples of five.

You can also use the w-max-100 and h-max-100 classes to set a max width and height of 100%.

<div class="w-25">25%</div>
<div class="w-50">50%</div>
<div class="w-75">75%</div>
<div class="w-100">100%</div>

<div class="h-25">25%</div>
<div class="h-50">50%</div>
<div class="h-75">75%</div>
<div class="h-100">100%</div>

Spacing Utilities

Spacing utilities can be used to add or remove paddings and margins to any element. Just apply the desired class and the appropriate element will receive the respective padding/margin.

Class names are prefixed with pad- or mar- for padding and margin, respectively. To apply spacing to all sides of an element, use the following classes.



<div class="pad-0 mar-xl">

To apply spacing to a specific side of an element, use one or more of the following classes indicating top, right, bottom, left, x (horizontal), and y (vertical):



<div class="pad-l-md mar-b-0">

You can also use mar-[x|y|xy]-auto to set automatic margins horizontally and/or vertically.

Text Utilities

Text utility classes can be applied to change the appearance of text.

Class Example
text-primary This is primary text
text-secondary This is secondary text
text-success This is success text
text-info This is info text
text-warning This is warning text
text-danger This is danger text
text-light This is light text
text-dark This is dark text
text-small This is small text
text-bold This is bold text
text-italic This is italic text
text-muted This is muted text
text-left This is left-aligned text
text-center This is centered text
text-right This is right-aligned text
text-justify This is justified text
text-nowrap This is text that won’t wrap
text-lowercase This is lowercase text
text-uppercase This is uppercase text
text-capitalize This is capitalized text