Create a pure CSS loader by applying the loader class to an empty <span> element. You can use the loader-xs|sm|lg|xl modifiers to change the size.

<span class="loader loader-xs"></span>
<span class="loader loader-sm"></span>
<span class="loader"></span>
<span class="loader loader-lg"></span>
<span class="loader loader-xl"></span>


Use the loader-* modifier to create variations.

<span class="loader loader-secondary"></span>
<span class="loader loader-success"></span>
<span class="loader loader-info"></span>
<span class="loader loader-warning"></span>
<span class="loader loader-danger"></span>
<span class="loader loader-light"></span>
<span class="loader loader-dark"></span>

Background Loaders

You can simulate a background loader using loader-bg. This is achieved using position: relative on the container and the ::after pseudo-element. You can use the loader-bg-xs|sm|lg|xl modifiers to change the size.

<div class="loader-bg loader-bg-xs"></div>
<div class="loader-bg loader-bg-sm"></div>
<div class="loader-bg"></div>
<div class="loader-bg loader-bg-lg"></div>
<div class="loader-bg loader-bg-xl"></div>

Background Variations

Use the loader-bg-* modifier to create variations.

<div class="loader-bg loader-bg-secondary"></div>
<div class="loader-bg loader-bg-success"></div>
<div class="loader-bg loader-bg-info"></div>
<div class="loader-bg loader-bg-warning"></div>
<div class="loader-bg loader-bg-danger"></div>
<div class="loader-bg loader-bg-light"></div>
<div class="loader-bg loader-bg-dark"></div>